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my name is dragon or (queen) lizardonn! please call me dragon, liz, or lizardonn if you don't know me. friends will call me other stuff but if we're not close, please do call me one of those three things. thanks~
I have no romantic interest in literally anyone
I'm gray-romantic, yet asexual and straight but I don't know what the term is if there is one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do NOT thank me for anything

ok?? im serious.
Thanks in advance for the fave/watch/etc ;o;

I dont bite, dont be afraid to talk to me ;u; <--- characters

I love ki/u,, ssb, mother, tloz, pokemon,, and stuff like that o^O


Info ;^;

What You Need To Know About Me

Please read before commenting

-Sometimes it seems like I have multiple personalities.. I call them moody, bitch, and slaphappy.
-I'm normally 'moody', but that doesnt mean I cry and act all depressed, by moody I mean happy, excitement, fear, you know the basics.
-I'm not interested in anyone
-I take 'o' and 'cool' as signs that you couldn't care less, chances are I will refuse to reply if i get these responses.
-The only reason I get so upset with ignoring, is because I have kind of a fear of it? Im not sure.. I just feel invisible and worthless, one who is raising me constantly tells me they don't care.
-I love dogs ;v;
-I do not roleplay warrior cats of any kind, but I do read the books. I don't consider myself part of the 'fandom'.
-I'm interested in a LOT of stuff.
-:iconlllextasyll: BlakexDragon :icondr4gonic: is the best ship ever ok OTP
-Im gonna get back into drawing and posting like tomorrow 7/28/15 <-- then
-Me and llLextasyll aren't actually together,, we're just hardcore shipping our characters right now LMAO
:heart:Kid Icarus Uprising Stamp by Zenfyre:heart:

Do you have redbull in your cup 

3 deviants said no
3 deviants said ????????????
1 deviant said *starts rapping* redbull in my cup! redbull in my cup!! i got redbull in my cup!


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